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We inform you that your electronic contact details are being processed in accordance with the regulations of the Data Protection Act, being incorporated into a file owned by RAUL MORENO RODRIGUEZ for the purpose of sending information, answering queries, and generic contacts. We also inform you that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation by sending an e-mail to

*21% VAT not included.
*In case of cancellation of the event by the contracting party, the deposit will not be refunded.
*The contracting party undertakes to be responsible for the acts carried out in restaurants, discotheques, boats, limousines, buses, etc. of the rest of the group.
The use of whistles and megaphones as well as inappropriate costumes and grotesque articles during the course of the contracted parties is forbidden.
*In the event of inappropriate behaviour that prevents access or leads to the expulsion of the group or part of it from one of the premises or means of transport of our collaborators, the organising company DAY OFF EVENTS reserves the right to refuse access or expel the group or part of it.
DAY OFF EVENTS reserves the right to refuse admission without refund of the amount paid.
*In the case of reserved spaces, these are exclusive during the dinner/party show until 00:00. Once this time has passed, these spaces will be released and the exclusivity will be lost. At
In the case of wanting to have the space available after the indicated time, an extra amount must be paid depending on the venue, but it must be contracted in advance according to the price list, prices on request.
*It is strictly forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages to any of the venues and we carry out relevant controls by security personnel to ensure that this is complied with. In the event of finding
If we find any unauthorised bottle, we will proceed to remove the item.
*The deposit paid does not oblige DAY OFF EVENTS to carry out the event, if the company is not able to satisfy 100% of the client’s needs, DAY OFF EVENTS will be able to return it and the client will be left with a full refund.
return the same being thus the agreement terminated.
*The company DAY OFF EVENTS reserves the right to change location in case of necessity and justified cause, giving prior notice to the customer, maintaining and offering the same content
of equal or higher quality in the same city, always keeping the same party structure as contracted with the right to refund the reservation if the group is not satisfied before the event.
the event.
*To enjoy the discotheque section you must be of legal age (18 years old), and it will be compulsory to present your ID card. If you do not have this document you will not be able to stay or enter the discotheque after the event.
or enter the discotheque after 00:00h. except in discotheques that do allow entry to minors.
*The closing and final confirmation of the minimum number of confirmed attendees and payment must be made no later than the Monday prior to the event, as well as informing the allergic, vegan and intolerant.
Once confirmed and payment has been made, no last minute cancellations will be refunded.
*All events that have a photographer or video, these photos and recordings are the exclusive property of the company DAY OFF EVENTS. These images and recordings will be inserted in
our social networks and / or own website during the course of the week following the event held which may be accessed by customers attending our parties DAY OFF EVENTS. The
photographer and the images that the photographer considers will be inserted without the right to claim by the client if any photo is not hung due to criteria of the photographer himself.
of the photographer himself.
*Clients, in the case of hiring transport services, buses, sailboats, catamarans or limousines with a certain start time, must be at the indicated place at least ten minutes before the time previously indicated by the photographer.
before the time previously indicated by our advisors in order to be able to board the vehicles in good time. In case of no-show at the indicated time and after 5 minutes of waiting, the driver or skipper may continue the journey.
the driver or skipper will be able to continue with the next service, the service will be cancelled and cannot be claimed, so the transfer by another means will be at the expense of the client without any right to claim.
We advise you to be very punctual in your arrival and departure times.
*In the case of last minute additions, as long as there are places available, there will be no problem in adding it.
*The duration of the videos should be a maximum of 7 min. We recommend a previous test in the chosen location a couple of days before to avoid mistakes, sending it through WE transfer in the formats
appropriate standard formats MP4, AVI. DAY OFF EVENTS is not responsible for the videos to be projected during the party made by the client.
*For previous visits of any of the available venues you can arrange a previous visit by calling our offices during our customer service hours, Monday to Thursday from 9:30 to 17:30hrs. and Friday from 9:30 to 15:30hrs.
from 9:30hrs to 15:00hrs.
*Both the present document and the payment of the reservation confirm and accept all the conditions without exception that are expressed in this text.

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