Rent a Boat in Barcelona

Your Next Adventure with Day Off Events

Are you thinking of rent a boat in Barcelona? Day Off Events offers you the unique opportunity to sail the waters of the Mediterranean aboard a dream boat. Whether for a special celebration, an unforgettable party or simply to enjoy a day of sun and sea, we are your best ally.

Discover our boats for rent in Barcelona

Velero 9pax

Velero 11pax

Yate 12pax

Catamarán 23pax

Catamarán 28pax

Catamarán 33pax

2h extra Gratis

Velero 65pax

Catamarán 79pax

2h Free

Catamarán 95pax

2h Free

Catamarán 110pax

Catamarán 115pax

Catamarán 125pax

The variety of boats in Barcelona makes us unique

Our platform is proud to offer an unrivalled variety of options for boat charter in Barcelona. From luxury yachts to classic sailing yachts, we have the perfect vessel to suit your desires. We have a diverse and well-maintained fleet that guarantees not only safety but also an unforgettable sailing experience.

Luxury Yachts

Lovers of luxury will find in Barcelona the opportunity to sail on first-class yachts. These impressive boats not only offer high-end amenities, but also the chance to explore the coastline in style and elegance.

Traditional sailing vessels

If you’re looking for a more authentic experience, traditional sailing boats are the perfect choice. With their sails flapping in the wind, you’ll be immersed in the classic beauty of sailing while enjoying the serenity of the Mediterranean.

Family catamarans

For those looking for a family option, catamarans offer ideal space and amenities. With spacious areas to relax and play, these boats are perfect for a day at sea with friends and loved ones.

alquilar un barco en Barcelona

Unforgettable Events at Sea

Are you looking for more than just a cruise? Would you like to celebrate a special event on the high seas? We offer the possibility of organising personalised events on board our exclusive boats. From private parties to intimate weddings, we are here to make your nautical dreams come true.

Quick and easy booking

We know how important it is to simplify the booking process. With our online platform, you can book your boat in Barcelona quickly and easily. Select the date, choose the boat you like the most and that’s it! You’re ready to set sail for a unique experience in the Mediterranean.

With Day Off Events, the Sea is the Limit. Rent a boat in Barcelona is just the beginning.

Don’t settle for a conventional celebration. Rent a boat in Barcelona with Day Off Events is choosing an unparalleled experience. It is to opt for exclusivity, personalisation and fun in a unique environment. Contact us and start planning that getaway to the sea that you have always dreamed of. Because with Day Off Events, every wave brings with it a promise of joy and every sea breeze is a sigh of freedom. Set sail for adventure with us and make your next event unforgettable!

FAQs about renting a boat in Barcelona

**All our catamarans, sailboats or yachts are collaborative, all of them have bar service to offer you the best boat experiences, you just have to choose the catamaran, sailboat or yacht you want to enjoy.
The boat experiences we offer can be adapted to your needs, just get in touch with us and tell us what you want to celebrate, whether it is a birthday party, a birthday party, a hen party or just want to spend a different afternoon with your friends.

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