Rent a Boat in Barcelona

Your Next Adventure with Day Off Events

Are you thinking of rent a boat in Barcelona? Day Off Events offers you the unique opportunity to sail the waters of the Mediterranean aboard a dream boat. Whether for a special celebration, an unforgettable party or simply to enjoy a day of sun and sea, we are your best ally.

Velero 9pax

Velero 11pax

Yate 12pax

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2h Free

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Why Choose Day Off Events?

Parties and Events on the High Seas

At Day Off Events, we take the concept of chartering a catamaran, sailboat or any type of boat to another level. We don’t just offer you a boat; we offer you a complete experience. Imagine a party where the rhythm of the music mixes with the swaying of the waves, where every toast is accompanied by a sunset over the sea. That’s what we are: creators of unique moments in the vast blue.

A Varied Fleet for Every Taste

Our fleet is as diverse as our clients. From sailing yachts that cut through the wind with elegance to spacious catamarans ideal for large groups, we have the perfect boat for every occasion. Do you want to charter a sailing yacht for a wedding proposal? Or do you prefer the stability and space of a catamaran for a party with friends? Whatever your choice, we have the boat to suit your needs and desires.

Personalised Experience

Every client is different, and at Day Off Events we know that. That’s why no two events are the same. We adapt to your preferences, offering tailor-made services. From the selection of the boat to the choice of catering, through to the decoration and music, every detail is personalised to make your experience exclusive.

Boat Beat Party

fiesta en barco

Navigate with Confidence

Safety and Comfort

Sailing with us is synonymous with safety. All our boats are equipped with the latest safety technology and are regularly inspected to ensure your peace of mind. In addition, they are commanded by captains with years of experience at sea, ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip.

Complete Advice

Is this your first time chartering a boat? Don’t worry. Our team is here to guide you. We will advise you on the choice of boat, suggest the best routes and help you plan every aspect of your event. We want your only concern is to enjoy the sun and the company.

Sunset on catamaran – See u Sun

puesta de sol en catamarán

With Day Off Events, the Sea is the Limit. Rent a boat in Barcelona is just the beginning.

Don’t settle for a conventional celebration. Rent a boat in Barcelona with Day Off Events is choosing an unparalleled experience. It is to opt for exclusivity, personalisation and fun in a unique environment. Contact us and start planning that getaway to the sea that you have always dreamed of. Because with Day Off Events, every wave brings with it a promise of joy and every sea breeze is a sigh of freedom. Set sail for adventure with us and make your next event unforgettable!

**All our catamarans, sailboats or yachts are collaborative, all of them have bar service to offer you the best boat experiences, you just have to choose the catamaran, sailboat or yacht you want to enjoy.
The boat experiences we offer can be adapted to your needs, just get in touch with us and tell us what you want to celebrate, whether it is a birthday party, a birthday party, a hen party or just want to spend a different afternoon with your friends.