Summer Company Dinner – SUMMER Party

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The summer company dinner without surprises at a closed price is the SUMMER Party, venue, waiters, photographer, live show… all included. Find out more and wait no longer!

SUMMER PARTY is the party specially designed to enjoy the sun, the beach, the terraces or beach bars and the refreshing mojitos. You would never have imagined that the summer company dinner could be so much fun!

The summer is magic!!

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Location included!

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    2. Minimum 25 participants

    We create the best summer company dinner in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga to celebrate with colleagues the arrival of summer and the beginning of the holidays.

    At the summer company dinner we will not stop cheering you on, you will dine on our gourmet menu with all drinks included up to desserts and to finish off our special summer show. And for the most rogues we will continue the party in the same or a nearby place without the need to travel with a drink included.

    We have unique and exclusive places to celebrate this party, in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga we have places on the beach, terraces with breathtaking views or unique venues.

    A summer company dinner can also be an acknowledgment to the worker for the work done and can be held before the holidays as a farewell or after the holidays as a return.

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